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Dictionary Meaning -
(according to Dorland's pocket medical Dictionary)

Back - The Posterior Part Of The Trunk From The Neck To Pelvis.

  • Angry Back - Excited Skin Syndrome. 

Pain - A Feeling Of Distress, Suffering, Or Agony, Caused By Stimulation Of Specialized Nerve Endings.
  • Bearing-Down Pain - Pain Accompanying Uterine Contractions During The Second Stage Of Labor.
  • False Pain's - Infective Pains Resembling Labor Pains, Not Accompanied By Cervical Dilatation.
  • Growing Pain's - Recurrent Quasi-Rheumatic Limb Pains Peculiar To Early Youth.
  • Hunger Pain - Pain Coming On At The Time For Feeling Hunger For A Meal; A Symptom Of Gastric Disorder.
  • Inter-Menstrual Pain - Pain Accompanying Ovulation, Occurring During The Period Between The Menses, Usually About Midway.
  • Labor Pain's - The Rheumatic Pains Of Increasing Severity And Frequency Due To Contraction Of The Uterus At Childbirth.
  • Phantom Limb Pain - Pain Felt As Though Arising In An Absent (Amputated) Limb.
  • Psychogenic Pain - Symptoms Of Physical Pain Having Psychological Origin.
  • Referred Pain - Pain Felt In A Part Other Than That In Which The Cause That Produced It Is Situated.
  • Rest Pain - A Continuous Burning Pain Due To Ischemia Of The Lower Leg, Which Begins Or Is Aggravated After Reclining And Is Relieved By Sitting Or Standing.

Pathological Point Of View -

Back Pain Is Pain Felt In The Back That Usually Originates From The Muscles, Nerves, Bones, Joints Or Other Structures In The Spine.

Associated Conditions -
  • Back Pain Can Be A Sign Of A Serious Medical Problem, Although This Is Not Most Frequently The Underlying Cause:
  • Typical Warning Signs Of A Potentially Life-Threatening Problem Are Bowel And/Or Bladder Incontinence Or Progressive Weakness In The Legs.
  • Severe Back Pain (Such As Pain That Is Bad Enough To Interrupt Sleep) That Occurs With Other Signs Of Severe Illness (e.g. Fever, Unexplained Weight Loss) May Also Indicate A Serious Underlying Medical Condition.
  • Back Pain That Occurs After A Trauma, Such As A Car Accident Or Fall, May Indicate A Bone Fracture Or Other Injury.
  • Back Pain In Individuals With Medical Conditions That Put Them At High Risk For A Spinal Fracture, Such As Osteoporosis Or Multiple Myeloma, Also Warrants Prompt Medical Attention.
  • Back Pain In Individuals With A History Of Cancer (Especially Cancers Known To Spread To The Spine Like Breast, Lung And Prostate Cancer) Should Be Evaluated To Rule Out Metastatic Disease Of The Spine.

 Possible Causes -

  • Muscle Strains (Pulled Muscles).
  • Muscle Spasm.
  • Muscle Imbalances.
  • Problem In Synovial Joints Of The Spine.
  • Spinal Disc Herniation.
  • Degenerative Disc Disease.
  • Isthmic Spondylolisthesis.
  • Osteoarthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)
  • Lumbar Spinal Stenosis.
  • Trauma.
  • Cancer.
  • Infection.
  • Fractures.
  • Inflammatory Disease.
  • Radicular Pain (Sciatica).

For More Details :-

Common Instruction For A Patient Of Backache -

  • Maintain Good Position While Lying On Back -

  • Get Up & Walk For 30 Minuets -

  • Stand & Sit With Erect Posture -

  • Use Good Supportive Mattress While Sleeping -

  • Ensure Your Car Seats -

  • Exercise -

  • Yoga & Swimming -

  • Some Other Precautions -

Home Remedies For Backache -

  • If Swelling Apply Ice -

  • If No Swelling Apply Hot Water -

Ayurvedic Medicines For Backache -

 Allopathic Treatment For Backache -

  • NSAIDs.
  • Antacids.
  • Tranquilizers.
  • Calcium Tablets.
  • Iron Tablets.

 If  No Response, Ask For Investigations ;- 

  • Hb% - X-ray LS Spine - AP & Lateral (For Osteoarthritis, Disc Prolapse, TB Spine, Osteoporosis etc.)
  • In Female, Refer To Gynaecologist If X-ray Is Normal To Rule Out Gynec Causes.

When To Refer To A Orthopedic Surgeon?

  • If No Relief With Routine Treatment.
  • If Pain Is Very Sever Or S.L.R Test Is Positive.
  • If There Is Any Neurological Deficiency In Legs, Earliest Being Weakness Of Dorsiflexion Of Great Toe.

Homoeopathic Treatment For Backache -

One Single Simple Drug Substance In Its Most Suitable Potency, According To Symptom Similarity Based On Totality!

In Case Of Backache, List Of Useful Remedies (According To REPERTORY
by Oscar E. BOERICKE, M.D.) Are As Below-


PAIN -- Abrot., Acon.Æsc.Agar., Alum., Am. c., Angust., Ant. t., Apis, Arg. m., Arg. n., Arn., Bar. c., Bell., Berb. v.Bry.Calc. c., Calc. p., Can. ind., Carb. ac., Caul., Caust., Cham., Chin. s., Cic., Cim., Cinch., Cob.Cocc., Colch., Col., Dulc., Eup. perf., Graph., Guaco, Ham., Helon., Homar., Kali bich., Kali c., Kali m., Lach., Lil. t., Lyc., Mag. m., Mag. s., Med., Merc., Mez., Mormord., Nat. c., Nat. m., Nit. ac., Nux v., Ox. ac., Paraf., Petrol., Phos. ac., Picr. ac., Puls., Radium, Ran. ac., Rhod., Rhus t., Ruta, Sab., Sang., Sarrac., Scolop., Sec., Selen., Sep., Sil., Staph.,Stellar., Strych., Sul., Tar. h., Tellur., Ther., Triost., UpasVariol., Wyeth., Xerophyl., Zinc. m.

Aching as if it would break and give out -- Æsc., Æth., Am. m., Bell., Can. ind., Cham., Chel., Dulc., Eup. perf., Eupion, Graph., Ham., Kali bich., Kal., Kreos., Nat. m., Ol. an., Ova t., Phos., Plat., Puls.Rhus t.Sarcol. ac., Sanic., Senega, Sil., Trill.Aching, dull, constant (backache) -- Abies n.Æsc.Agar., Aloe, Am. m., Ant. t., Apoc., Arg. m., Arg. n., Arn., Bapt., Bellis, Berb. v., But. ac., Calc. c.Calc. fl., Canth., Cim.,Cob., Coccinel., Cocc., Colch., Con., Conv., Cupr. ars., Dulc., Euonym., Eupion, Ferr. p., Gels., Glycerin, Helon., Hyper., Inula, Ipomœa, Kali c., Kali iod., Kal., Kreos., Lach., Lith. benz., Lycoper., Lyc., Morph., Nat. m.Nux v., Ol. an., Ol. j. as.Ox. ac., Pall., Petrol., Phos. ac., Phyt., Picr. ac., Piscidia., PulexPuls.RadiumRhus t., Ruta, Sabal, Sab., Senec., Sep., Solan. lyc., Solid., Staph.Still.Sul., Symphyt., Tereb., Upas, Vib. op., Viscum, Zinc. m.
Scapulæ, Between -- Acon., Apomorph., Asclep. t., Bar. c., Calc. c., Can. ind., Con., Guaco, Guaiac., Jugl. c., Kali c., Med., Pod., Radium, Rhus t., Sep., Sul., Zinc. m.
Bruised -- Acon., Æsc., Agar., Ant. t., Arn., Bar. c., Berb. v., Bry., Cina, Dulc., Gins., Graph., Ham., Mag. s., Merc., Nat. m., Nux v., Phos. ac., Phyt., Rhus t.Ruta, Sil., Sul., Tellur.
Crampy -- Bell., Cim., Cinch., Col., Graph., Iris., Mag. p., Ova t., Sep.
Digging, cutting -- Sep.
Drawing -- Anac., Carbo v., Caust.Kali c., Lyc., Nux v., Rhus t., Sab., Sul.
Falling apart sensation, involving small of back, Sacroiliac synchondroses; relieved by bandaging tightly -- Trill.
Heaviness, dragging, weight (See Female Sexual System.) -- Æsc., AloeAm. m., Anac., Ant. c., Benz. ac., Berb. v., Bov., Colch., Eup. purp.Helon., Hydr., Kali c., Kreos.Lil. t., Nat. s., Picr. ac., Sep.Lancinating, drawing, tearing -- Alum., Asclep. t., Berb. v., Colch., Col., Kali m., Lyc., Mimosa, Nux v., Scolop., Sep., Sil., Stellar., Strych.
Down thighs, legs -- Æsc., Aur. mur., Bapt., Berb. v., Carb. ac., Cocc., Col., Cur., Ham., Helon., Kali c., Kali m., Lac c., Ox. ac., Phyt., Scolop.Stellar., Tellur., Xerophyl.
Pelvis [to] -- Arg. n., Aur. mur., Berb. v., Cham., Cim., Eupion, Ham., Sil., Variol., Viscum.
Pubes [to] -- Sab., Vib. op., Xanth.
Upwards -- Aspar., Gels.
Paralytic -- Cocc., Kali p., Nat. m., Sil.
Pressing, plug-like -- Æsc.Agar.Anac., Aur. mur., Benz. ac., Berv. v., Colch., Hyper., Nat. m., Nux v., Sep., Tellur.
Sensitiveness extreme of sacrum -- Lob. infl.
Stitching, piercing, pricking -- Agar., Aloe, Alum., Apis., Berb. v.Bry., Guaiac., Hyper., Kali c.Merc., Nat. s., Sul., Tellur., Ther.
Emission [after] -- Cob.
Masturbation [after] -- Nux v., Phos. ac., Staph.
Night [At] -- Aloe, Calc. c., Lyc., Merc., Mez., Nat. m., Staph., Viscum.
Cold exposure [From] -- Acon., Bry.Rhod., Sul.
Damp exposure [From] -- Dulc., Phyt., Rhus t.Eating [From] -- Kali c.
Exertion [From] (See Motion.) -- Agar., Berb. v., Cocc., Hyper., Kali c., Kali p., Ox. ac., Sul.
Jar; touch [From] -- Acon., Berb. v., Bry., Kali bich., Lob. infl., Mez., Sil., Tellur.Lying down [From] -- Bell., Berb. v., Niccol. s., Nux v., Rhus t.
Motion; beginning [From] -- Lac c., Rhus t.Motion; walking [From] -- Æsc., Aloe, Ant. t., Bell., Bry.Caust., Chel., Cinch., Colch., Kali bich., Kali c., Mez., Nux v., Ox. ac., Paraf., Petrol., Phyt. Ran. ac., Sep.,Sul.Resting; sitting [From] -- Agar., Alum., Ant. t., Bell., Berb. v., Can ind., Cob., Ferr. mur., Kali p., Kreos., Lac c., Merc., Nux v., Puls., Rhus t., Sep., Sul., Zinc. m.Standing [From] -- Æsc., Bell., Nux v., Sarcol. ac., Sep.
Stooping [From] -- Æsc., Berb. v., Diosc., Guaco, Tellur.
Warmth [From] -- Kali s., Puls., Sul.
Morning [In] -- Agar., Berb. v., Bry., Conv., Kali c., Nat. m., Nux v., Petrol., Phyt., Ruta, Selen., Staph.Rising from seat [When] -- Æsc., Arg. n., Berb. v.Caust., Kali p., Lach., Sil., Sul., Tellur.
Rising [After] -- Kali c., Ruta, Staph.
Bending backwar [From] -- Rhus t.
Bending forward [From] -- Lob. infl.
Emission [From] -- Zinc. m.
Lying [From] -- Acet. ac.
Abdomen [on]
Back [on]
 -- Æsc., Cob., Gnaph., Nat. m., Rhus t., Ruta.
Something hard, or firm support [on] -- Eupion, Nat. m.Rhus t., Sep.
Lying, sitting [From] -- Sep.
Motion, walking [From] -- Arg. n., Bell., Caust., Cob., Ferr. mur., Helon., Kali m., Kreos., Merc., Puls., Radium, Rhus t., Sep., Staph., Sul.Zinc. m.Rest [From] -- Æsc., Colch., Nux v., Sil.
Sitting [From] -- Bell.
Standing [From] -- Arg. n., Caust., Sul.
Urination [From] -- Lyc., Med.

For Detail Study Of Above Mentioned Individual Remedy From HOMŒOPATHIC MATERIA MEDICA
by William BOERICKE, M.D.:-

 Physiotherapy -

  •  Use Lumbosacral Belt To Support The Spine And Prevent Bending.

Special Thanks To Damini Rathwa, Dhwani Gamit & Moriwala Mahera.

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