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Dictionary Meaning -
(according to Dorland's pocket medical Dictionary)
                                       1. Excessive Formation Of Gases in The Stomach Or Intestine.

Pathological Point Of View -

 " Flatus Is Mostly Produced As By-product Of Bacterial Fermentation In The GI Tract Specially The Colon. "

  • Over 99% Of The Volume Of Flatus Is Composed Of Non-Smelly Gases Which Includes Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen And Methane.The Remaining Trace (<1% volume) Compounds Give Flatus Its Smell Which May Be Because Of Combination Of Volatile Sulphur Compounds. 

                Mechanism -

                                                |                                             |
                                                |                                             |
                                 Exogenous Gases           +          Endogenous Gases
                                                |                                             |
                                                |                                             |
                             Swallowed During Eating               Produced Either As By-
                           Or Drinking Or During Time          Product Of Digesting Certain
                          Of Excessive Salivation.                Types Of Food Or Of Incomplete

               For More Details :-

Common Instruction For A Patient Of Flatulence -

  • Avoid Oily Foods.
  • Avoid Smoking and Pan Chewing.
  • Regular Exercises, To Improve The Tone Of Abdominal Muscles.
  • Regular Moderate Meals. Avoid Over-Eating.

Home Remedies For Flatulence -

       1. Fennel-


                           Most Probable Mode Of Action- Laxative.

          2. Ginger-

Most Probable Mode Of Action- Laxative.


       3. Peppermint-

                           Most Probable Mode Of Action-  carminative,

      4. Cinnamon-

Most Probable Mode Of Action- carminative,

      5. Yellow Mustard-

                       Most Probable Mode Of Action- Not Known!

      6. Cardamom-

Most Probable Mode Of Action- Not Known!

      7. Asafoetida-

                          Most Probable Mode Of Action- carminative,

      8. Garlic-

Most Probable Mode Of Action- Not Known!

Ayurvedic Medicines For Flatulence -

 For More Details :-

Allopathic Medicines For Flatulence -

1. Antacids.
2. Digestive Enzymes.
3. Antiemetics.
4. Anthelmintics.
5. If Associated With Mucus Stools, Add Antiamoebics.
6. If Associated With Constipation, Add Laxatives.

       If  No Response, Ask For Investigations ;-
  • Stool ( For Amoebiasis, Giardiasis, Tapeworms etc.)
  • Hb% ( For Anaemia )
  • Ultrasonography - Gall Bladder.
  • Sigmoidoscopy & Gastroscopy If Indicated.

 Homoeopathic Treatment For Flatulence -

" One Single Simple Drug Substance In Its Most Suitable Potency, According To Symptom Similarity Based On Totality! "

In Case Of Flatulence, List Of Useful Remedies (According To REPERTORY
by Oscar E. BOERICKE, M.D.) Are As Below-


Distention, fullness, heaviness, meteorism, tympanites -- Abies n.Abrot., Absinth., Acet. ac., Acon., Agar., Alfal., Aloe, Ant. c., Apis, Arg. n., Ars., Asaf., Bar. c., Bell., Bov., Cajup.Calc c., Calc. iod., Carb. ac., Carbo v.Cham., Chel., Cina, Cinch.Cocc.Colch., Collins., Col., Cupr. m., Diosc., Graph., Ign., Illic., Indol, Iris, Kali c.Lach.Limul.Lyc.Mag. c.Mag. p., Merc. c., Merc., Momord., Mosch., Mur. ac., Naph., Nat. c., Nat. nit., Nat. m., Nat. s.Nux m.Nux v., Oniscus., Op.OpuntiaOrnithog.Phos. ac., Pod., Poth.Puls., Radium., Raph., Rheum, Rhod., Rhus gl., Rhus t., Sars., SennaSep.Sil., Stront. c., Sul., Sumb.,Tarax.Tereb., Thea, Thuya, Uran. n., Val., Xanth., Zing.
Hysterical -- Alet., Ambra, Arg. n., Asaf., Cajup., Cham., Cocc., Ign., Kali p., Nux m., Plat., Poth., Sumb., Tarax., Thea, Val.
Incarcerated in flexures -- Am. c., Aur., Bell., Calc. c., Calc. p., Carb. ac., Carbo v.Cham.Cinch., Colch., Col.Graph., Hep., Ign., Kali c., Limul., Lyc.,Momord.Nux v., Pall., Phos., Plumb. m., Puls., Raph., Rhus gl., Robin., Staph., Sul., Thuya.
Offensive, per ano -- Aloe, Arn., Bry., Carbo v., Ferr. magnet., Graph., Oleand., Sil.
Post operative, no relief from passing it -- Cinch.

For Detail Study Of Above Mentioned Individual Remedy From HOMŒOPATHIC MATERIA MEDICA
by William BOERICKE, M.D.:-
Special Thanks To Damini Rathwa, Ruchi Jha, Dhwani Gamit, Dipti Varma, Vidita                               Rathwa, & Hiral Markar.

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