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Dictionary Meaning -
(according to Dorland's pocket medical Dictionary)

1. Pyrexia; Elevation Of Body Temperature Above The Normal (37` C).2. Any Disease Characterised By Elevation Of Body Temperature.

African Tick Fever - African Tick-bite Fever
1. A Type Of  Spotted Fever Seen In Southern Africa, Caused By Infection With Rickettsia Africae And  Spread By The Bites Of Ticks Of The Genus Amblyomma
2. A Type Of Relapsing Fever Caused By Borrelia Duttonii.

Aseptic Fever - Fever Associated With Aseptic Wounds, Presumably Due To The Disintegration Of Leukocytes Or To The Absorption Of Avascular Or Traumatized Tissue.

Blackwater Fever - A Dangerous Complication Of Falciparum Malaria, With Passage Of Dark Red To Black Urine, Severe Toxicity, And High Mortality.

Boutonneuse Fever - A Type Of Tick-Bite Fever Endemic From The Mediterranean Area Across Central Asia To India, Due To Infection With Rickettsia Conorrii, With Chills, Fever Primary Skin Lesion ( Tach Noire), And Rash Appearing On The Second To Fourth Day.

Cat-Scratch Fever - See Under Disease. >> Cat Scratch Disease - A Usually Benign, Self-Limited Disease Of The Regional Lymph Nodes, Caused By Bartonella Benselae And Characterized By A Papule Or Pustule At The Site Of Cat Scratch, Sub-acute Painful Regional Lymphadenitis, And Mild Fever.

Central Fever - Sustained Fever Resulting From Damage To The Thermo Regulatory Centres Of The Hypothalamus.

Childbed Fever - Puerperal Fever.

Colorado Tick Fever - A Nonexanthemous Tick Bite Fever Caused By An Arena Virus And Seen In The Western United States And Canada.

Continued Fever - One That Varies Only Slightly In 24 Hours.

Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever - A Sometimes Fatal Haemorrhagic Fever Caused By A Bunyavirus, Transmitted By Ticks And By Contact With Blood, Secretions, Or Fluids From Infected Animals Or Humans; It Occurs From Southern Russia Across Central Asia, As Well As In Sub-Saharan Africa.

Drug Fever - Febrile Reaction To A Therapeutic Agent, Such As A Vaccine, Anti-Neoplastic, Or Antibiotic.

Enteric Fever - Any Of A Group Of Febrile Illnesses With Enteric Symptoms Caused By Salmonella Species, Especially Typhoid Fever And Parathyroid Fever.

Epidemic Haemorrhagic Fever - An Acute Infectious Disease Characterized By Fever, Purpura, Peripheral Vascular Collapse, And Acute Renal Failure, Caused By Viruses Of The Genus Hantavirus, Thought To Be Transmitted To Humans By Contact With Saliva And Excreta Of Infected Rodents.

Familial Mediterranean Fever - A Hereditary Disease Usually Seen In Armenians And Sephardic Jews, With Short Recurrent Attacks Of Fever, Pain In The Abdomen, Chest, Or Joints, And Erythema Like That Of Erysipelas; It May Be Complicated By Amyloidosis. 

Haverhill Fever - The Bacillary Form Of Rat-Bite Fever Contracted By Ingestion Of Contaminated Raw Milk Or Its Products.

Hay Fever - A Seasonal Form Of Allergic Rhinitis, With Acute Conjunctivitis, Lacrimation, Itching, Swelling Of The Nasal Mucosa, Nasal Catarrh, And Attacks Of Sneezing, An Anaphylactic Or allergic Reaction Excited By A Specific Allergen (Such As Pollen).

Haemorrhagic Fevers - Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers; A Group Of Diverse, Severe Viral Infections Seen Around The World But Mainly In The Tropics, Usually Transmitted To Humans By Arthropod Bites Or Contact With Virus-Infected Rodents; Common Features Include Fever, Haemorrhagic Manifestations, Thrombocytopenia, Shock, And Neurologic Disturbances. 

Humidifier Fever - Malaise, Fever, Cough, And Myalgia Caused By Inhalation Of Air That Has Been Passed Through Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, Or Air Conditioners Contaminated By Fungi, Amoebas, Or Thermophilic Actinomyocytes.

Intermittent Fever - An Attack Of Malaria Or Other Fever, With Recurring Fever Episodes Separated By Times Of Normal Temperature.

Japanese Spotted Fever - An Acute Infection Occurring In Japan And Caused By Rickettesia Japonica, Transmitted By Ticks Of The Family Ixodidae; Characterized By Fever And Headache And The Appearance Of An Eschar And Rash.

Katayama Fever - Fever Associated With Severe Schistosomiasis, Accompanied By Hepatosplenomegaly And By Eosinophilia.

Lassa Fever - An Acute Haemorrhagic Fever Caused By An Arena-Virus, Endemic Throughout West Africa But Seen Globally, Transmitted Via Mastomys Rodents Or Occasionally Between Persons; Most Infections Are Mild Or Sub Clinical But Infection May Progress To Sever Multi System Involvement, Potentially Fatal.

Metal Fume Fever - A Disease Of Welders And Others Working With Volatilized Metals, Marked By Sudden Thirst, Metallic Taste In The Mouth, High Fever With Chills, Sweating, And Leukocytosis.

Mud Fever - A Type Of Leptospirosis Seen In Workers In Flooded Fields And Swamps In Germany And Russia.

No Seasonal Hay Fever, Hay Fever, Perennial - No Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis.

Oroya Fever - The First Stage Of Bartonellosis, With Frequently Fatal Haemolytic Anaemia.

Paratyphoid Fever - A Febrile Illness Clinically In Distinguishable From Typhoid Fever, But Usually Milder And Caused By Different Species Of Salmonella.

Parrot Fever - Psittacosis.

PharyngoConjuctival Fever - An Epidemic Disease Due To An Adenovirus, Seen Mainly In Schoolchildren, With Fever, Pharyngitis, Conjunctivitis, Rhinitis, And Enlarged Cervical Lymph Nodes. 

Phlebotomus Fever - A Febrile Viral Disease Of Short Duration, Transmitted By The Bite Of The Sand Fly Phlebotomus Papatasi, With Dengue-Like Symptoms, Seen In Mediterranean And Middle Eastern Countries.

Polymer Fume Fever - An Occupational Disorder Due To Exposure To The Products Of Combustion Of Polymers Such As Teflon; The Manifestations Are Quite Similar To Those Of Metal Fume Fever.

Ponatic Fever - A Self-Limited Disease Marked By Fever, Cough, Muscle-aches,
Chills, Headache, Chest Pain, Confusion, And Pleuritis, Caused By A Species Of Legionella.

Pretibial Fever - A Type Of Leptospirosis Marked By A Rash On The Pretibial Region, With Lumbar And Postorbital Pain, Malaise, Coryza, And Fever.

Puerperal Fever - Fever With Septicaemia After Childbirth, With The Focus Of Infection Most Often Being In The Uterus; It Is Usually Due To A Streptococcus.

Q Fever - A Febrile Infection, Usually Respiratory, First Described In Australia, Caused By Coxiella Burnetii.

Rat-Bite Fever - Either Of Two Clinically Similar Acute Infectious Diseases With High Fever And Rash, Usually Transmitted Through A Rat Bite. The Bacillary Form Is Caused By Streptobacillus Moniliformis And The Spirillary Form Is Caused By Spirillum Minor. 

Recurrent Fever - 1.A Paroxysmal Fever That Recurs, As In Diseases Such As Malaria And Tularaemia. 2.Relapsing Fever.

Relapsing Fever - Either Of Two Infectious Diseases Due To Species Of Borrelia. Tick-Borne Relapsing Fever Is Spread By The Human Body Louse When People Live In Crowded, Unsanitary Conditions. Both Are Marked By Alternating Periods Of Fever And Apyrexia That Last 5 To 7 Days. 

Remittent Fever - One That Shows Significant Variations In 24 Hours But Without Return To Normal Temperature. 

Rheumatic Fever - A Febrile Disease That Is A Sequela To Group A Haemolytic Streptococcal Infections, With Multiple Focal Inflammatory Lesions Of Connective Tissue Structures, Especially Of The Heart, Blood Vessels, And Joints; Sydenham Chorea; And Aschoff Bodies In The Myocardium And Skin.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever - Infection With Rickettsia Rickettsii, Transmitted By Ticks, Marked By Fever, Muscle Pain, And Weakness Followed By A Macular Petechial Eruption That Begins On The Hands And Feet And Spreads To The Trunk And Face, With Other Symptoms In The Central Nervous System And Elsewhere.

Sand-fly Fever - Phlebotomus Fever.

Scarlet Fever - An Acute Disease Caused By Group A B-Haemolytic Streptococci, Marked By PharyngoTonsillitis And A Skin Rash Caused By An Exotoxin Produced By The Streptococcus; The Rash Is Diffuse And Bright Red And May Be Followed By Desquamation. 

Spotted Fever - Any Of Various Tick-Bite Fevers Due To Rickettsiae, Characterized By Skin Eruptions, Such As Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Or Boutonneuse Fever. 

Tick Fever - Tick-Bite Fever - Any Febrile Condition Spread By A Tick Vector, Such As Relapsing Fever.

Trench Fever - A Louse-Borne Rickettsial Disease Due To Bartonella Quintana, Transmitted By The Body Louse, Pediculus Bumanus Corporis, And Characterized By Intermittent Fever, Generalized Aches And Pains, Particularly Severe In The Shins, Chills, Sweating, Vertigo, Malaise, Typhus Like Rash, And Multiple Relapses.

Typhoid Fever - Infection By Salmonella Typhi Chiefly Involving The Lymphoid Follicles Of The Lymphoid Follicles Of The Ileum, With Chills, Fever, Headache, Cough, Prostration, Abdominal Distension, Splenomegaly, And A Maculopapular Rash; Perforation Of The Bowel May Occur In Untreated Cases.

Fever Of Unknown Origin (FUO) -  A Febrile Illness Of At Least Three Weeks' Duration (Some Authorities Permit A Shorter Duration), With A Temperature Of At Least 38.3' C On At Least Three Occasions And Failure To Establish A Diagnosis In Spite Of Intensive Impatient Or Outpatient Evaluation (Three Out Patient Visits Or Three Days' Hospitalization).

Viral Haemorrhagic Fever - Haemorrhagic Fever.

West Nile Fever - See Under Encephalitis. 

Yellow Fever - An Acute, Infectious, Mosquito-Borne Viral Disease, Endemic In Tropical Central And South America And Africa, Marked By Fever, Jaundice Due To Necrosis Of The Liver, And Albuminuria. 

Pathological Point Of View -


  • Fever (Also Known As Pyrexia Or Febrile Response) Is One Of The Most Common Medical Signs And Is Characterized By An Elevation Of Body Temperature Above The Normal Range Of 36.5–37.5 °C (97.7–99.5 °F) Due To An Increase In The Temperature Regulatory Set-Point.
  • This Increase In Set-Point Triggers Increased Muscle Tone And Chills.
  • As A Person's Temperature Increases, There Is, In General, A Feeling Of Cold Despite An Increase In Body Temperature.
  • Once Body Temperature Has Increased To The New Set-Point Temperature, There Is A Feeling Of Warmth.
  • A Wide Range For Normal Temperatures Has Been Found.
  • Temperature In The Anus (Rectum/Rectal) Is At Or Over 37.5–38.3 °C (99.5–100.9 °F)
  • Temperature In The Mouth (Oral) Is At Or Over 37.7 °C (99.9 °F)
  • Temperature Under The Arm (Axillary) Or In The Ear (Otic) Is At Or Over 37.2 °C (99.0 °F)

Types :-

Continuous Fever : Temperature Remains Above Normal Throughout The Day And Does Not Fluctuate More Than 1 °C In 24 Hours, e.g. Lobar Pneumonia, Typhoid, Urinary Tract Infection, Brucellosis, Or Typhus. Typhoid Fever May Show A Specific Fever Pattern (Wunderlich Curve Of Typhoid Fever), With A Slow Stepwise Increase And A High Plateau. (Drops Due To Fever-Reducing Drugs Are Excluded.)

Intermittent fever : The Temperature Elevation Is Present Only For A Certain Period, Later Cycling Back To Normal, e.g. Malaria, Kala-Azar, Pyaemia, Or Septicemia. Following Are Its Types :-

    • Quotidian Fever, With A Periodicity Of 24 Hours, Typical Of Plasmodium Falciparum Or Plasmodium Knowlesi Malaria 

    • Tertian Fever (48 Hour Periodicity), Typical Of Plasmodium Vivax Or Plasmodium Ovale Malaria 

    • Quartan Fever (72 Hour Periodicity), Typical Of Plasmodium Malariae Malaria. 
    Remittent fever : Temperature Remains Above Normal Throughout The Day And Fluctuates More Than 1 °C In 24 Hours, e.g., Infective Endocarditis.

    Pel-Ebstein Fever : A Specific Kind Of Fever Associated With Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Being High For One Week And Low For The Next Week And So On. However, There Is Some Debate As To Whether This Pattern Truly Exists.

    A Neutropenic Fever, Also Called Febrile Neutropenia, Is A Fever In The Absence Of Normal Immune System Function. Because Of The Lack Of Infection-Fighting Neutrophils, A Bacterial Infection Can Spread Rapidly; This Fever Is, Therefore, Usually Considered To Require Urgent Medical Attention. This Kind Of Fever Is More Commonly Seen In People Receiving Immune-Suppressing Chemotherapy Than In Apparently Healthy People.

    Febricula Is An Old Term For A Low-Grade Fever, Especially If The Cause Is Unknown, No Other Symptoms Are Present, And The Patient Recovers Fully In Less Than A Week.

     Performance Of The Various Types Of Fever
    a) Fever Continues  
    b) Fever Continues To Abrupt Onset And Remission
    c) Fever Remittent 
    d) Intermittent Fever 
    e) Undulant Fever 
    f) Relapsing Fever

    Pathophysiology :-

    • Temperature Is Ultimately Regulated In The Hypothalamus. A Trigger Of The Fever, Called A Pyrogen, Causes A Release Of Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2).
    • PGE2 Then In Turn Acts On The Hypothalamus, Which Generates A Systemic Response Back To The Rest Of The Body, Causing Heat-Creating Effects To Match A New Temperature Level.

    • In Many Respects, The Hypothalamus Works Like A Thermostat. 
    • When The Set Point Is Raised, The Body Increases Its Temperature Through Both Active Generation Of Heat And Retaining Heat. 
    • Vasoconstriction Both Reduces Heat Loss Through The Skin And Causes The Person To Feel Cold.
    • If These Measures Are Insufficient To Make The Blood Temperature In The Brain Match The New Setting In The Hypothalamus, Then Shivering Begins In Order To Use Muscle Movements To Produce More Heat. 
    • When The Fever Stops, And The Hypothalamic Setting Is Set Lower; The Reverse Of These Processes (Vasodilation, End Of Shivering And Nonshivering Heat Production) And Sweating Are Used To Cool The Body To The New, Lower Setting.
    • This Contrasts With Hyperthermia, In Which The Normal Setting Remains, And The Body Overheats Through Undesirable Retention Of Excess Heat Or Over-Production Of Heat. 
    • Hyperthermia Is Usually The Result Of An Excessively Hot Environment (Heat Stroke) Or An Adverse Reaction To Drugs. 
    • Fever Can Be Differentiated From Hyperthermia By The Circumstances Surrounding It And Its Response To Anti-Pyretic Medications.

     For More Details :-

    Management :-

    General Measures :-

    • Cold Compresses Or Ice Bag - Over Forehead, Axillae, Neck Etc.
    • Bed Rest With Blanket.
    • Semi Solid Or Liquid Diet, Avoid Cold Water.
    • Avoid Exposure To Wind.
    • Avoid Bath - Only Sponging. 

    Allopathic Treatment :-

    • Most Fever Encountered In General Practice Are Viral, Self Limiting And Require Only Symptomatic Treatment.
    Symptomatic Treatment :-
    • Analgesics.
    • NSAIDs.
    • Anti Histaminics.

    Some Points To Be Kept In Our Mind While Handling The Case Of Fever :- 

    • Before Labelling A Fever As Viral, You Must Look For (As A Compulsory Routine) Pallor, Jaundice Neck Stiffness, Abdomen For Liver & Spleen And Auscultate The Chest.
    • If There Is A Running Epidemic e.g., Malaria, Influenza, Viral Hepatitis Or Typhoid In The Locality, Then That Cause Must Be Thought Of First.
    • Though Many Of The Fevers In General Practice Are Viral And Harmless, The Practitioner Must Be Aware Of The Common Causes Of Fever, And The Symptoms & warning Signals Suggesting That This May Not Be A Simple Fever. You Should Always Try To Find The Cause Of The Fever By Evaluating The Associated Symptoms.
    Fever With Chills :-

    Think Of Malaria And Urinary Infection :-
    • In Endemic Areas, Rule Out Filariasis, (And If No Cause Is Apparent, Think Of Hidden Abscess) Ask For Blood Smear For M.P., Urine, Hb% & WBC.

    A. If Chills & Shivering Is Severe, Or If Fever Comes On Alternate Days, Or At The Same Time Everyday Or If Spleen Is Palpable, Suspect Malaria.
    • Chloroquin.
    • Metochlorpromide If Nausea & Vomiting Occurs Due To Chloroquin.
    If Resistent To Chloroquin,

    • Quinine
    If P. Falciparum Malaria,

    • Tab Mepacrine

    B. If Associated Burning Micturation, Cloudy Urine, Or Loin Pain - Suspect Urinary Infection.

    • Urinary Antibiotic
    • Alkaliniser
    • Phenazo - Pyridine
    • Plenty Of Water & Fluids.

    C. In Endemic Areas Of Filariasis, Think Of Filarial Infection, Especially If Associated With Edema Of Leg Or Inguinal Lymphadenopathy.

    • Diethylcarbamazine
    • Prednisolone

    Fever Without Chills :-
    • Antibiotics.
    • If Associated With Nausea & Vomiting, Give Injectable Antibiotics.

    If Fever Does Not Reduce Within 3-4 Days Of Antibiotic Treatment, Ask For Routine Investigations - i.e., Hb% , WBC, ESR, Widal Test, Urine & X-ray Chest.

    If The Fever Is Long Drawn, Over 2 Weeks, Then Investigate Fully. The Seriousness Of Prolonged Fevers Is Often Not Realised, If The Fever Is Off & On.

    Ask For :  
    • Hb%, WBC, ESR, Peripheral Smear For M.P. (During Chills) & Leukemia.
    • Urine - Routine & Culture.
    • Widal Test.
    • H.I.V. Test.
    • Anti - TB Antigen Test.
    • Brucella Test.
    • X-ray Chest.
    • Ultrasonography Of Liver & Abdomen.
    • Lymph Node Biopsy If Lymph Nodes Are Palpable.
    • Blood Culture. If No Source Is Detected.

    Some Points To Be Kept In Our Mind :
    • Remember, Simple Viral Fevers Do Not Require Antibiotics.
    • If Fever Does Not Reduce Within 3-4 Days Or Empirical Treatment, Investigate In Details Or Consult A Physician.

     Homoeopathic Treatment :-

    " One Single Simple Drug Substance In Its Most Suitable Potency, According To Symptom Similarity Based On Totality! "
    In Case Of Fever, List Of Useful Remedies (According To REPERTORY
    by Oscar E. BOERICKE, M.D.) Are As Below-

    CHILLINESS, coldness -- Abies c., Acon., Æth., Agar., Alum., Ant. t., Apis, Aran., Arn., Ars.Ars. iod., Asar., Astac., Bapt., Berb. v., Bry., Calc. ars.Calc. c.Calc. sil., Calend., Camph., Canth., Caps.Carbo v., Castor., Caust., Ced., Cimex, Cocaine, Colch., Corn. fl., Crat., Dulc., Echin., Eup. purp., Ferr. m.Gels., Graph., Helod.Hep., Ipec., Jatropha, Kali c., Lac d., Laur.Led., Lob. purp., Lyc., Mag. p.Menyanth.Merc. s., Morph., Mosch., Nat. m.Nux v., Op., Phos., Pimpin., Plat., Puls., Pyrus, Radium, Sabad., Sec.Sil., Sul., Tab.Tela ar., Val., Ver. a.

    Epileptic fit [after] -- Cupr. m.
    Abdomen, legs -- Menyanth.
    Arms -- Raph.
    Back and feet -- Bell., Canth.
    Shoulder blades [between] -- Am. m., Castor., Lachnanth., Pyr., Tub.
    Hips, to legs -- Ham.
    Body and feet, head and face hot -- Arn.
    Face and breath hot [with] -- Cham.
    Bones, extremities; severe, general -- Pyr.
    Chest, on walking in open air -- Ran. b.
    Forearms -- Carbo v., Med.
    Hands -- Dros.
    Hands and back -- Cact.
    Hands, back, feet and knees -- Benz. ac., Chin. ars.Body warm -- Tab.
    Head and limbs -- Calc. c., Ferr. m.
    Knees -- Carbo v., Cimex, Phos.
    Lower limbs -- Calc. c., Cocc.
    Lumbar region -- Agar.
    Single parts -- Asar., Calad., Calc. c., Kali bich., Paris, Puls.
    Waves, along spince -- Abies c.Acon.Æsc.Ars., Bolet., Calend., Conv., Dulc., Echin., Frax. am., Gels., Helod., Mag. p., Med., Raph., Strych., Tub., Zinc. m.
    Aching in shoulders, joints, small of back; yawning, stretching -- Bolet.
    Catarrh -- Merc. s.
    Cough, dry, fatiguing -- Rhus t.
    Deficient, animal heat -- Alum., Bar. c., Calc. c., Calc. p., Calc. sil.Led., Lyc., Psor., Sep.Sil., Staph., Thuya, Ver. a.
    Desire to uncover abdomen -- Tab.
    Evening pains of whatever kind; in warm room -- Puls.
    Face, head, palms hot -- Ferr. m.
    Face hot -- Dros., Ign.
    Flatulent colic, nausea, vertigo, hot skin, sweat, heat of head -- Cocc.
    Headache -- Conv.
    Extending to parietal region, red eyes -- Ced.
    Heat and desire to stretch -- Rhus t.
    Alternately -- Abies n., Acon., ApisArs., Bapt., Bell., Bolet., Bry., Cham., Dig., Laur., Mag. s., Merc. c., Merc. s., Phyt., Puls., Solan. n., Solid.
    Ill humor -- Caps.
    Loquacity -- Pod.
    Nausea -- Echin., Ipec.Nervousness -- Asar., Cim., Croc., Gels.Gossyp., Nat. m.
    No relief from warmth -- Aran., Cadm. s., Caust., Chin. s., Dros., Laur., Mag. p., Merc. s., Pulex, Puls., Sil.
    Pain -- Coff., Dulc., Puls., Sil.
    Racking in limbs, anxious restlessness -- Ars.
    Rheumatic pain, and soreness -- Bapt., Homar., Rhus t.
    Pallor -- Cocaine.
    Pruritus -- Mez.
    Septic symptoms -- Pyr., Tar. c.
    Suffocative feeling -- Arg. n., Mag. p.
    Thirst -- Acon., Ars., Caps., Carbo v., Conv., Dulc., Ign.Sec., Sep., Ver. a.Thirstlessness -- Dros., Gels., Nux m., Puls.
    Anger [after] -- Aur., Bry., Cham.
    Dinner [after] -- Mag. p.
    Drinking [after] -- Caps.
    Eating A. M. [after] -- Puls.
    Dampness, rain [from], not relieved by warmth -- Aran.
    Least exposure [from], "air goes right through", -- Acon., Agar., Agraph., Am. phos., Arg. n., Ars., Ars. iod., Astac., Calc. c.Calc. p., Calend., Canchal., Caps., Cinch.,Hep.Kali c., Merc. c., Merc. s., Mez., Nux v.Psor., Sep., Sil., Tub.
    Least motion [from] -- Ars., Nux v.Spig.Touch [from] -- Acon., Kali c.Sil., Spig.
    Warmth, covering [from] -- Camph., Hep., Med., Sanic., Sec., Sul.
    Morning [in] -- Calc. c.
    Evening and night [toward] -- Acon., Alum., Am. c., Ars., Ced., Dulc., Mag. c., Mag. p., Menthol., Merc. s., Ol. j. as., Phos.Puls., Sep.

    FEBRILE HEAT -- Abies n., Acet. ac., Acon.Æsc., Æth., Agar.Agrost., Allium s., Ant. c., Bapt.Bell.Bry., Calop., Camph., Canth., Carbo v., Cham., Chin. ars., Cim., Cinch., Dulc., Eucal.,Ferr. p.Gels., Glon., Ign., Iod., Merc., Millef., Morph., Nit. ac., Nux m., Nux v., Op., Phyt., Pulex, Puls.Rhus t.Samb., Sep., Sil., Spiræa, Spiranth., Stram., Tereb., Thuya, Val., Ver v.

    Pelvic organs [ascends from] -- Sep.
    Anger [from] -- Cham., Cocc., Sep.
    Evening [in]; falls asleep during, awakens when it ceases -- Calad.
    Flashes, ebullitions [in] -- Acet. ac., Amyl, Antipyr., Ars., Ars. iod., Bolet., Calc. c.Carls., Chimaph., Dig., Erech., Fer. red., Frax. am., Hep., Ign., Indigo, Iod., Jabor., Kali c., Lach., Lyc., Med., Merc. s., Niccol., Petrol., Phos., Puls., Sang.Sep.Sul.Sul. ac., Urt., Val., Viscum, Yohimb.
    Back [in lower part of], hip, thighs -- Berb. v.
    Palms of hands [in] -- Chenop. gl.
    Soles of feet [in] -- Canth.
    Spots [in] -- Agar., Apis.
    Body [in whole], face red, hot; yet chilly from least motion or uncovering -- Nux v.
    Chill predominant -- Bry.
    Colic -- Ver. a.
    Decline towards A. M., without sweat -- Gels.
    Delirium; headache -- Agar., Bell.
    Drowsy stupefaction; agonized tossing about, in search of a cool place; must be uncovered; vomiting, diarrhœa; convulsions -- Op.
    Sleep [during] or on falling asleep; deep, dry, cough -- Samb.
    No sweat -- Alum., Nux m.
    Excitement, nervous agitation -- Acon., Tela ar.
    External coldness -- Ars., Canth.
    Faintness, sweat -- Dig., Sep., Sul., Sul. ac.
    Flatulence, bowel movement -- Radium.
    Headache -- Astac.
    Thousand hammers [as from] -- Nat. m.
    Hot face
    Back chilly, feet cold -- Puls.
    Cold hands and feet -- Stram.
    Cool body, asthenic states -- Arn., Phyt.
    Unquenchable thirst, taste of bile, nausea, anxiety, Restlessness, dry tongue; after anger -- Cham.
    Hunger, for days preceding -- Staph.
    Itching eyes, tearing in limbs, numbness of body, headache -- Ced.
    Lassitude, in afternoon; throbs all over -- Lil. t.
    Night sweats -- Acet. ac., Hep.
    Palpitation, precordial anguish -- Calc. c.
    Prostration -- Ant. t., Chin. ars., Phyt.
    Pulsations -- Bell.Lil. t., Puls., Thuya.
    And distended veins -- Puls., Thuya.
    Red spot on left cheek -- Acet. ac.
    Restlessness, cheeks red, apathy -- Iod.
    Restless sleep -- Calc. c.
    Skin dry
    Hot; face red or red and pale alternately; arterial Excitement; anguish, restlessness, tossing about -- Acon.
    Pungent; arterial excitement; distended, superficial vessels -- Bell.
    Slow, nervous, insidious course; vertigo -- Cocc.
    Smothered feeling, if covered -- Arg. n.
    Soreness of body -- Arn., Franc., Phyt., Rhus t.Spasms -- Acetan., Bell.Stretching of limbs -- Rhus t.
    Sudden onset; dry, burning skin; rapid, small, wiry pulse -- Pyr.
    Tendency to cover up -- Ing., Nux v., Samb., Stann.
    Thirst -- Acon., Ant. c., Bry., Laur., Puls., Tereb.
    Thirstlessness -- Acet. ac., Æth., Bell., Gels., Ign., Mur. ac., Nux m.Puls., Samb.
    Night [at] -- Acon., Æsc., Ant. c., Ars., Bell., Calad., Calc. c., Gels., Hep., Kali s., Mag. c., Petrol., Phos., Puls., Sil., Stann., Urt.
    Menses [during] -- Calc. c., Thuya.
    Sleep [during] -- Acon., Calad., Samb.Covering up -- Ign.
    Motion [from], then chilly -- Nux v.
    Uncovering [from] -- Merc. s.Nux v., Samb., Stront.
    Afternoon [in] -- Azadir., Bell., Ferr.
    Morning in bed [in] -- Kali c.
    Awaking [on] -- Laur.
    Sitting, walking in open air [when] -- Sep.


    Bloody -- Crot., Lach., Lyc., Nux m., Nux v.
    Cold, clammy -- Abies c., Acet. ac.Æth.Amyl, Ant. ars., Ant. t.Ars., Benz. ac., Cact., Calc. c., Calc. p., Camph., Canth., Carbo v., Cinch., Corn. fl., Crot., Cupr. ars., Dig., Dulc., Elaps, Euphorb. d., Formal., Ign., Ipec., Lach., Laur., Lob. infl., Lupul., Lyc., Med., Merc. c., Merc. cy., Merc. s., Nat. c., Pyr., Sanic.Sec., Sul. ac., Tab., Tela. ar., Tereb.Ver. a., Ver. v.
    Greasy, oily -- Bry., Carbo v., Cinch., Lupul., Mag. c., Merc. s.Hot -- Æsc., Carbo v., Cham., Chenop. gl., Lach.Op., Tilia, Ver. v.
    LOCALIZED -- Bry., Calc. c., Cinch., Fluor. ac., Hep., Petrol., Phos., Plectranth., Puls., Selen., Sil., Sul.
    Anterior part of body -- Selen.
    Axillæ (See Locomotor System.) -- Calc. c., Nit. ac., Osm., Petrol., Sep., Sil.
    Chest -- Calc. c., Cocc., Euphras., Phos., Stann., Strych.
    Covered parts -- Bell.
    Extremities, upper right -- Formal.
    Face, forehead -- Acet. ac., Benz. ac., Calc. c., Cina, Euphorb. d., Lob. infl., Phos., Rheum, Sinap., Stann., Sul., Val., Ver. a.Feet (See Feet - Locomotor System.) -- Calc. c., Graph., Lact. ac., Merc. s., Petrol., Phos., Sep., Sil.
    Genitals (See Male Sexual System.) -- Calc. c., Petrol., Phos. ac., Thuya.
    Hands (See Locomotor System.) -- Calc. c., Cina, Con., Fluor. ac., Nit. ac., Phos., Sil.
    Head, nape of neck -- Bell., Calc. c., Phos., Puls., Rheum, Samb.Sanic.Sil., Stann., Strych., Ver. a.
    Lower body -- Croc., Ran. ac., Sanic.
    Part lain on -- Acon.
    Parts in contact with each other -- Niccol. s.
    Posterior part of body -- Sep.
    Side not reclined upon -- Benz., Thuya.
    Uncovered parts -- Thuya.
    Upper body -- Azadir., Calc. c., Cham., Kali c., Nux v., Sil.
    Unilaterally -- Jabor., Nux v., Puls.
    Fetid, offensive (See Bromidrosis - Skin.) -- Art. v., Bapt., But. ac., Calc. c., Carbo an., Cimex, Con., Daphne, Fluor. ac., Hep., Kali iod., Lyc.Merc. s.Nit. ac., Ol. an., Osm., Petrol., Phos.,Psor., Puls., Sep.Sil., Solan. t., Stann., Staph., Sul., TaxusThuya, Variol.
    Musty, mouldy -- Stann.
    Sour, acid -- Arn., Bry., Calc. c.Cham., Fluor. ac., Graph., Hep., Kreos., Lac d., Mag. c., Merc., Nux v., Pyr., Rheum, Robin., Sanic., Sep., Sil.Sul.Sul ac., Thuya.
    Sweetish -- Calad., Thuya.
    Urinous -- Eryng. aq., Nit. ac.
    PROFUSE (hyperidrosis) -- Acet. ac.Acon.Æsc.Agaricin., Am. acet., Ant. t., Ars., Ars. iod.Bapt.Bell., Bolet., Bry., Calc. c., Canth., Cham., Cinch., Cocc., Con., Croc., Eser., Ferr. iod., Ferr. m., Fluor. ac., Graph., Hep., Hyper., Iod.Jabor.Kali c., Lact. ac., Lob. infl., Merc. s., Morph., Nit. ac., Nux v., Op., Phos. ac.Phos.Piloc., Polyp., Psor., Puls., Sal. ac., Samb., Sanic., Selen.Sep.Sil., Stann., Sul., Sul. ac. Thuya, Tilia, Ver. a., Zinc. m.
    Debilitating (colliquative) -- Acet. ac., Camph., Carbo an., Carbo v., Castor., Chrysanth., Cinch., Eup. perf., Ferr. m., Gels., Merc. v., Nit. ac., Nitrum, Op., Phell., Phos ac., Phos., Pyr., Rhus gl., SalviaSamb., Stann., Sul. ac.
    SCANTY -- Apis, Conv., Lach., Nux m.
    Viscid -- Abies c., Fluor. ac., Hep., Lyc.Merc. s., Phallus, Phos.
    Yellow, staining -- Ars., Carbo an., Lach., Lyc., Merc. s.
    Acute diseases [after] -- Psor.
    Eating, drinking [after] -- Carbo v., Cham., Kali c.
    end of fever [At], or only at beginning of sleep -- Ars.
    Climacteric [during] (See Female Sexual System.) -- Hep., Jabor., Tilia.
    Exertion, motion [during] -- Asar., But. ac., Calc. c., Carbo an., Cinch., Eup. purp., Eupion., Graph., Hep.Iod., Kali c., Lyc., Merc. c., Merc. s., Nat. c., Nat. m., Phos. ac.Psor.,Sep.Sil., Sul.
    Morning [during]
    Day time -- Bry., Carbo an., Carbo v., Hep., Lyc., Nat. m., Nux v., Phos., Sep., Sil., Sul., Zinc. m.
    Early -- Stann.
    Sleep [during] (night sweats) -- Acet. ac., Agar., Agaricin., Aral., Ars. iod., Bar. c., Bell., Bolet., Calc. c., Carbo an., Carbo v., Cham., Chrysanth., Cinch.Con., Corn. fl., Euphras., Ferr. p., Hep.Iod., Ipec., Jabor., Kali c., Kali iod., Lyc., Merc. s., Myos., Nat. tell., Nit. ac., Nux v., Op., Petrol., Phos. ac.Phos., Phyt., Picrot., Piloc.Pop. tr., Psor., Salvia, Sang., Sanic., Sep., Sil., Stann., Staph., Stront. c., Sul., Tarax., Thall., Thuya, Tilia, Zinc. m.
    Waking hours [during] -- Con., Hep., Merc., Phos. ac., Phos., Samb.Nervous depression, phthisis; convalescence, from acute disease [from] -- Jabor.
    Nervous shock; sitting quietly [from] -- Anac., Sep.
    Affords no relief, or aggravates symptoms -- Ant. t., Bell., Bolet., Chin. s., Ferr. m., Formica, Hep.Merc. s., Phos. ac., Pyr., Sep., Stram.
    Affords relief, to symptoms -- Acon.Ars.Calad., Cupr. m., Eup. perf., Franc., Nat. m.Psor., Senega, Ver. a.


    BILIOUS -- Bapt., Bry., Cham., Chinch., Col., Crot., Euonym., Eup. perf., Gels., Ipec., Lept., Merc. c.Merc. s., Nux v., Nyct., Pod., Rhus t., Tarax.
    CATHETER -- Acon., Camph. ac., Petros.
    DENGUEA -- Acon., Ars., Bell., Bry., Canth., Cinch., Eup. perf.Gels., Ipec., Nux v., Rhus t., Rhus v.
    DYSENTERIC -- Nux v.
    ENTERIC - TYPHOID FEVER -- Agar., Agaricin., Ail.Apis, Arg. n., Arn.Ars., Arum tr., Bapt.Bell.Bry., Calc. c., Carbo v., Cina, Cinch., Colch., Crot., Cupr. ars., Echin., Eucal.,Gels., Glon., Helleb., Hydr., Hyos., Hyosc. hydrobr., Iod., Ipec., Kali p., Lach., Laur., Lyc., Merc. cy., Merc. s., Methyl. bl., Mosch., Mur. ac.Nit. ac.Nux m.Op.Phos. ac.Phos.Pyr.Rhus t., Selen., Stram., Strych., Sul. ac., Sumb., Tereb., Vaccin. myr., Val., Ver. a., Xerophyl., Zinc. m.
    Biliousness -- Bry., Chel., Hydr., Lept., Merc. s., Nux v.
    Carriers; after inoculation with anti-typhoid serum -- Bapt.
    Constipation -- Bry., Hydr., Nux v., Op.
    Decubitus -- Arn., Ars., Bapt., Carbo v., Lach., Mur. ac., Pyr., Sec.Delirium -- Agar., Agaricin, Ars., Bapt., Bell., Can. ind., Hyos.Hyosc. hydrobr., Lach., Methyl. bl., Op., Phos. ac., Phos., Rhus t., Stram., Tereb., Val.
    Diarrhœa -- Arn., Ars., Bapt., Crot., Cupr. ars.Epilob., Lach., Merc. s., Phos. ac., Rhus t.
    Involuntary -- Apis, Arn., Ars., Hyos., Mur. ac., Phos. ac.
    Ecchymoses -- Arn.Ars., Carbo v., Mur. ac.
    Epistaxis -- Acon.Bry., Croc., Ham.Ipec., Meli., Phos. ac., Rhus t.
    Fever -- Ars., Bapt.Bell., Gels., Methyl. bl., Rhus t., Stram.
    Gastric symptoms -- Bry., Canth., Carbo v., Hydr., Merc. s., Nux v., Puls.
    Headache -- Acetan., Bell.Bry., Gels., Hyos., Nux v., Rhus t.
    Hæmorrhage -- Alumen, Alum., Ars., Bapt., Carbo v., Cinch., Crot., Elaps., Ham., Hydrastin. sul., Ipec., Kreos., Lach., Millef.Mur. ac.Nit. ac., Nux m., Phos. ac., Sec.,Tereb.Insomnia -- Bell., Coff., Gels., Hyosc. hydrobr.Hyos., Op., Rhus t.
    Laryngeal affections -- Apis, Merc. c.
    Abscesses, Multiple -- Ars., Hep., Sil.
    Myocarditis -- Pineal gland ext.
    Nervous symptoms
    Adynamia -- Agar., Agaricin, Apis, Ars., Bapt., Bell., Bry., Cocc., Colch., Gels., Helleb., Hyos.Hyosc. hydrobr.Ign., Lach., Lyc., Mur. ac.Phos. ac.Phos., Rhus t.,Stram., Sumb., Val., Zinc. m.
    Collapse -- Ars.Camph., Carbo v., Cinch., Hyosc. hydrobr., Laur., Mur. ac., Sec., Ver. a.
    Peritonitis -- Ars., Bell., Carbo v., Col., Merc. c., Rhus t., Tereb.
    Bronchial symptoms -- Ant. t., Ars., Bell., Bry., Hyos., Ipec., Lach., Phos., Puls., Rhus t., Sang., Sul., Tereb.
    Putrescent -- Ars., Mur. ac.
    Soreness, muscular -- Arn., Bapt., Bry., Gels., Rhus t.Stage of convalescence -- Ars. iod., Carbo v., Cinch., Cocc., Hydr., Kali p., Nux v., Psor., Sul., Tarax.
    Tympanites -- Asaf.Ars., Bapt., Carbo v., Cinch., Cocc., Colch., Lyc., Methyl. bl., Millef., Mur. ac., Nux m.Phos. ac., Rhus t., Tereb.Ulcer, corneal -- Apis, Ipec.
    Profuse -- Gels., Mur. ac., Phos. ac.Scanty, painful -- Apis, Ars., Canth.
    RUBELLA (rotheln, German measles) (See Rubeola - Measles.) -- Acon., Bell., Cop.
    RUBEOLA-MEASLES -- Acon., Ail., Ant. t., Ars.Ars. iod., Bell., Bry., Camph., Coff., Dulc., Eup. perf., Euphras., Ferr. p., Gels., Ipec., Kali bich., Kali m., Lach., Merc. c., Merc. pr. rub., Merc. s., Op., Puls., Rhus t., Scilla, Spong., Sticta., Stram., Sul., Ver. v., Viola od.
    Adenitis -- Kali bich., Merc. i. r.
    Bronchial and pulmonary symptoms -- Ant. t., Bell., Bry., Chel., Ferr. p., Ipec., Kali bich., Phos., Rumex, Sticta, Ver. v., Viola iod.
    Persisting -- Calc. c., Iod., Kali c., Sil., Sul.
    Catarrhal symptoms -- Ars., Cepa, Dulc., Euphras., Gels., Kali bich., Merc. s., Puls., Sabad., Sticta.Cerebral and convulsive symptoms -- Æth., Apis, Bell., Camph., Coff., Cupr. ac., Stram., Ver. v., Viola od., Zinc. m.
    Cough, croupy -- Acon., Coff., Dros., Euphras., Gels., Hep., Kali bich., Spong., Sticta.
    Diarrhœa -- Ars., Cinch., Ipec., Merc. s., Puls., Ver. a.
    Diphtheritic symptoms -- Lach., Merc. cy.
    Epistaxis -- Acon., Bry., Ipec.
    Eye symptoms -- Ars., Euphras., Kali bich., Puls.
    Gangrene of mouth, vulva -- Ars., Kali chlor., Lach.
    Insomnia, cough -- Calc. c., Coff.
    Laryngitis -- Dros., Gels., Kali bich., Viola od.
    Low fever, toxemia -- Ail.Ars., Bapt., Carbo v., Crot., Lach.Mur. ac.Rhus t., Sul.
    Malignant types (black or epidemic) -- Ail., Ars., Crot., Lach.
    Otalgia, rheumatoid symptoms -- Puls.
    Retrocedent, or suppressed -- Ant. t., Apis., Bry., Camph., Cupr. ac.Ipec.Lach.Stram.Tardy development -- Ant. t., Apis., Bry., Cupr. m., Dulc., Gels., Ipec., Stram., Sul., Tub., Ver. v., Zinc. m.
    Sequelæ -- Am. c., Ars., Bry., Camph., Coff., Cupr. ac., Dros., Kali c., Merc. c., Merc. s., Op., Puls., Sang., Sticta, Sul.Tub., Zinc. m.
    SCARLET FEVER -- Acon.Ail., Am. c., ApisArs., Arum, AsiminaBell., Bry., Canth., Carb. ac., Chin. ars., Commocl., Crot., Cupr. ac., Cupr. m., Dub., Echin., Eucal., Gels., Hep., Hyos., Ipec., Kali chlor., Kali s., Lac c., Lach., Lyc., Merc. s., Merc. i. r., Mur. ac., Op., Phyt., Rhus t., Sang., Sil., Solan. n., Spig., Stram., Tereb., Zinc. m.
    Cervical -- Ail., Am. c., Asimina, Bell.Carb. ac., Crot., Hep., Lach., Merc. i. r., Merc. s., Rhus t.Parotid -- Am. c., Phyt., Rhus t.
    Albuminuria and dropsy (See Nephritis - Urinary System.) -- Acon., Am. c., Apis, Apoc., Ars.Canth., Colch., Dig.Helleb., Hep., Kali chlor., Lach., Nat. s., Tereb.Anginosa (sore throat) -- Acon., Ail.Apis, Ars., AsiminaBar. c.Bell., Brom., Kali perm., Lac c., Lach., Merc., Mur. ac., Phyt., Rhus t.
    Ulcerative -- Am. c., Apis, Ars., Arum, Bar. c., Crot., Hep., Lach.Merc. cy., Merc. i. r., Mur. ac., Nit. ac.
    Cellulitis -- Ail., Am. c., Apis, Lach., Rhus t.Chronic tendencies aroused -- Calc. c., Hep., Rhus t.
    Diarrhœa -- Ail., Ars., Asimina, Phos., Rhus t.
    Glottis -- Apis, Apium v., Chin. s., Merc. c.
    Lungs -- Ant. t., Can. s., Phos., Scilla.
    Fever -- Acon., Apis, Asimina, Bapt., Bell., Gels., Rhus t.
    Laryngitis -- Brom., Spong.
    Malignant tendency, adynamia -- Ail., Am. c., ApisArs., Arum, Bapt., Carb. ac., Carbo v., Crot., Cupr. ac., Echin., Hydroc. ac., Lach., Merc. cy., Mur. ac., Phos.,Rhus t., Tab., Zinc. m.
    Miliary type -- Acon., Ail., Am. c., Apis, Ars., Bry., Coff., Kali ars., Lach., Rhus t.
    Nervous, convulsive, cerebral symptoms -- Æth., Ail., Am. c., Apis, Ars., Bell., Camph., Cupr. ac., Cupr. m., Hyos., Rhus t., Stram., Sul., Zinc. m.
    Delayed development -- Apis, Ars., Bry., Lach., Rhus t., Zinc. m.
    Hæmorrhage in -- Crot., Lach., Mur. ac., Phos.
    Livid -- Ail.Lach., Mur. ac., Solan. n.
    Partial, patchy -- Ail.
    Retrocedent, threatened brain paralysis -- Ail., Am. c., Cupr. ac., Sul., Tub., Zinc. m.Retrocession of -- Am. c., Apis., Ars., Bry., Calc. c., Camph.Cupr. ac., Cupr. m., Stram., Sul., Ver. a., Zinc. m.
    Raw, bloody, itching, painful, surfaces; must pick and bore into them -- Arum.
    Rheumatic symptoms -- Bry., Rhus t., Spig.
    Adenitis -- Brom., Hep., Lach., Merc. i. r., Phyt.
    Deafness; sore, bleeding nose -- Mur. ac.
    Desquamation, in large flakes, several times -- Arum.
    Ear disorders -- Bell., Carb. ac., Carbo v., Gels., Hep.Merc. s., Sil., Sul.
    Nephritis (post-scarlatinal) (See Urinary System.) -- Apis, Ars., Arum, Canth., Helleb.
    Nose disorders -- Arum, Aur. mur., Mur. ac., Sul.
    Stomatitis ulcerative -- Arum, Mur. ac.
    Typhoidal symptoms (See Malignant.) -- Ail., Arum, Hyos., Lach., Rhus t., Stram.
    Vomiting -- Ail., Asimina, Bell., Cupr. m.
    VARICELLA-CHICKENPOX -- Acon.Ant. t., Apis, Bry., Dulc., Kali m., Led., Merc. s., Rhus d., Rhus t., Urt., Variol.
    VARIOLA-SMALLPOX -- Acon., Am. c., Anac., Ant. t., Apis, Ars., Bapt.Bry.Carb. ac., Chin. s., Cim., Crot., Cupr. ac., Gels., Hep., Hydr., Kali bich., Lach., Merc. s., Millef., Op., Phos., Rhus t.Sarrac., Sinap., Sul., Thuya., Variol., Ver. v.
    Confluent -- Ars., Hippoz., Merc. s., Phos., Sul., Variol.
    Discrete -- Ant. t.Bapt., Bell., Gels., Sul.
    Hæmorrhage -- Ars., Crot.Ham.Lach.Phos., Nat. nit., Sec., Sul.
    Malignant -- Am. c., Ant. t., Ars., Bapt., Carb. ac.Crot.Lach.Mur. ac., Phos. ac., Phos., Rhus t., Sec., Sul., Variol.
    Adenitis -- Merc. i. r., Rhus t.
    Boils -- Hep., Phos., Sul.
    Collapsic symptoms -- Ars., Carbo v., Lach., Mur. ac., Phos. ac.
    Delirium -- Bell., Stram., Verv. v.
    Dropsical swellings -- Apis, Ars., Canth.
    Initial -- Acon., Ant. t., Bapt.Bell., Gels., Variol., Verv. v.Suppurative -- Acon., Bell., Merc., Rhus t.
    Ophthalmia -- Merc. s., Sul.
    Pulmonary symptoms -- Acon., Ant. t., Bry., Phos., Sul., Ver. v.
    Repercussion of eruption -- Ars., Camph., Cupr. m., Sul., Zinc. m.
    FEBRICULA (simple, continued fever) -- Acon., Arn., Ars.Bapt., Bell., Bry., Camph., Ferr. p., Gels., Ipec., Kal., Merc. s., Nux v., Puls., Rhus t.
    GASTRIC -- Acon., Ant. c.Ars.Bapt.Bry., Calc. c., Cinch., Hydr., Ipec., Lyc., Merc. s., Nux v., Phos. ac., Puls., Rhus t., Santon.
    HECTIC -- Abrot., Acet. ac., Acon., Arg. m., Ars., Ars. iod., Bals. per.Bapt., Calc. c., Calc. iod., Calc. s., Carbo v., Chin. ars.Cinch.Ferr. m., Gels., Hep., Iod., Lyc., Med., Merc. s., Nit. ac., Ol. j. as., Phell., Phos. ac., Phos., Pyr., Sang., Sil., Stann., Sul.
    INFLAMMATORY -- Acon., Bell., Bry.
    INFLUENZA (grippe) -- Acon., Æsc., Ant. ars., Ant. iod., Ant. t., Arn., Ars.Ars. iod., Ars. s. r., Asclep. t., Bapt.Bel.Brom.Bry., Calc. c., Camph., Canchal., Carb. ac., Card. m., Caust.,CepaChin. s., Cinch., Cupr. ars., Cycl., Dros., Dulc., Eryng., Eucal.Eup. perf., Euphorbia, Euphras., Ferr. p., Gels., Glon., Glycerin, Gymnocl., Influenzin, Iod., Ipec., Kali bich., Kali c., Kali iod., Kali s., Lach., Lob. cer., Lob. purp., Lyc., Merc. s., Nat. sal.Nux v.Phos., Phyt., Pod., Psor., Puls., Pyr., Rhus r., Rhus t., Rumex, Sabad., Sal. ac., Sang., Sang. n., Sarcol ac., Senega, Silph., Spig., Spong., Sticta, Sul., Sul. rub., Triost., Ver. a.
    Debility of -- Abrot., Adon. v., Ars. iod.Avena, Carb. ac., Chin. ars., Chin. s., Cinch., Con., Eup. perf., Gels., Iberis, Lac c., Lathyr., Phos., Psor., Sal. ac., Sarcol. ac.
    Pain remaining -- Lycopers.
    INTERMITTENT FEVER (ague, malarial) -- Acon., Alston., Am. m., Am. picr.Amyl, Ant. c., Ant. t., ApisAran., Arn., Ars., Ars. br., Azadir., Baja, Bapt., Bell., Bolet., Bry., Cact.,Camph. monobr., Canchal., Caps., Carb. ac., Carbo v., Ceanoth., Ced., Centaur., Chin. ars.Chin. mur.Chin. s., Chionanth., Cimex, CinaCinch.Corn. fl., Crot., Echin., Elat., Eucal., Eup. perf.Eup. purp., Ferr. m., Ferr. p., Gels.Helianth., Hep., Hydr., Ign.Ipec.Lach., Laur., Lyc., Malland., Menyanth., Methyl. bl., Nat. m., Nat. s., Nitrum, Nux v., Op., Ostrya, Pambot., Parth., Petros., Phell., Phos. ac., Pod., Polyp., Puls., Rhus t., Sabad., Spig., Sul., Tarax., Tela ar., Thuya, Urt., Verb., Ver. a., Ver. v.
    Abuse of quinine, cachexia -- Am. m., Aran., Arn., Ars., Ars. iod., Calc. ars., Carbo v., Ceanoth., Chelone, Chin. ars., Eucal., Eup. perf., Ferr. m., Hydr.Ipec.Lach., Malar. off., Malland., Nat. m.Polymia, Puls., Sul., Ver. a.
    Chronic, inveterate cases (See Abuse of Quinine.) -- Abies n., Am. m., Aran., Ars., Ars. br., Calc. ars., Canchal., Carbo v., Corn. c., Corn. fl., Helianth., Ign., Nat. m.Puls., Pyr., Querc., Tela ar.
    Congestive -- Camph., Op.Ver. a.Dumb ague -- Ars., Ced., Chelone, Chin. s., Gels.Ipec., Malland., Nux v.Impure cases, in non-malarial regions -- Ipec., Nux v.
    Nervo-hysteriacal persons -- Aran., Cocc., Ign., Tar. h.
    Pernicious cases -- Ars., Camph., Chin. hydrobr., Chin. s., Crot., Ver. a.Recent cases -- Acon., Aran., Ars., Chin. s., Cinch., Ipec., Tar. h,
    Stages, partial, irregular -- Aran., Ars., Cact., Carbo v., Eup. perf., Eup. purp., Ipec., Nat. m.
    Stages, regular, well defined -- Chin. s., Cinch.
    1 P.M. daily -- Ferr. p.
    2 P.M. -- Calc. c., Lach.
    3 P.M. -- Apis, Chin. s.
    3 - 4 P.M. -- Lyc., Thuya.
    4 - 8 P.M. -- Lyc.
    4 P.M. -- Æsc.
    5 P.M. -- Cinch.
    Afternoon late, evening, night -- Aran., Bolet., Ced., Ipec., Petrol., Tar. h.
    Anticipating -- Chin. s., Cinch., Nux v.
    Forenoon -- Cinch., Formal., Nux v.
    Hebdomadal -- Cinch.
    Midday -- Gels.
    Midnight -- Ars., Nux v.
    Mingled, with heat (See Chilliness.) -- Ant. t., Apis., Ars., Cinch., Nux v., Tar. h., Ver. a.
    Morning -- Chin. s.
    1 - 2 A.M. -- Ars
    3 A.M. -- Thuya
    4 A.M. -- Ferr. m.
    5 A.M. -- Cinch.
    6 - 7 A.M. -- Pod.
    7 - 9 A.M.; at noon following day -- Eup. perf.
    9 - 11 A.M. -- Bapt., Bolet., Mag. s., Nat. m., Wyeth.
    11 A.M. and 11 P.M. -- Cact.
    Periodical -- Aran.Ars., Bolet., Cact., Ced.Chin. s., Cina, Cinch., Eucal., Ipec.
    Every 7 or 14 days; never at night -- Cinch.
    Every spring -- Carbo v., Lach., Sul.
    Prolonged -- Aran., Bolet., Cact., Canchal., Caps.Chin. s., Eup. purp., Ipec., Menyanth., Nat. m., Nux v., Plumb., Pod., Puls., Pyr., Sabad.Ver. a., Ver. v.
    Quartan -- Baja, Chin. s., Cinch., Helleb.
    Quotidian -- Ars., Bolet., Chin. s., Ign., Lob. infl., Nitrum, Nux v., Plumb., Tar. h.
    Slight -- Ars., Azar., Carbo v., Cina, Cinch., Eup. perf., Eup. purp., Ipec.Tertian -- Calc. c., Chin. s., Cinch., Ipec., Lyc.
    Abdomen -- ApisCalc. c., Menyanth.
    Back -- Apis, Bolet., Conv., Dulc., Eup. perf., Eup. purp., Gels.Lach., Mag. s., Nat. m., Pyr.
    Between scapulæ -- Am. m., Caps., Pyr., Sep.
    Dorsal region -- Eup. perf., Lach.
    Lumbar region -- Eup. perf., Nat. m.
    Breast -- Cinch.
    Feet -- Gels., Lach., Nat. m., Sabad.
    Hand, left -- Carbo v., Nux m.
    Nose, tip of -- Menyanth.
    Thigh -- Rhus t., Thuya.
    Exhaustion, hypochondriacal ideas, mental confusion, vertigo, tension of stomach, no relief from warmth -- Nux v.
    Palpitation, nausea, canine hunger, pressing pain in hypogastrium, congestive headache, distended painful veins -- Chin. s., Cinch.
    Blue lips, nails -- Eup. perf., Eup. purp., Menyanth., Nat. m., Nux v., Ver. a.
    Cardiac region, pain in -- Cact., Tar. h.
    Collapsic symptoms; skin icy cold; pallor, cold sweat on forehead -- Ver. a.
    Cough, dry, teasing -- Rhus t.
    Diarrhœa -- Caps., Elat., Ver. a.
    Face and hands bloated -- Lyc.
    Face red -- Ferr. m., Ign., Nux v.
    Forehead, cold sweat on -- Ipec., Ver. a.
    Gastric symptoms -- Ant. c., Arg. n., Ars., Bolet., Canchal., Eup. perf., Ipec., Lyc., Nux v., Puls.
    Hands, feel dead -- Apis, Nux v.
    Headache -- Bolet., Chin. s., Cinch., Conv., Eup. perf., Eup. purp., Nat. m., Nux v.
    Vertigo, yawning, stretching, general discomfort -- Ars.
    Heart symptoms, enterrhagia -- Cact.
    Hæmorrhoidal symptoms -- Caps.
    Hyperesthesia -- Ign.
    Spine -- Chin. s.
    Loquacity -- Pod.
    Nausea before chill -- Ipec.
    No two chills alike -- Puls.
    Bones, limbs, soreness [in] -- Aran., Bolet., Canchal., Caps., Chin. s., Cinch., Eup. perf., Eup. purp., Formal., Gels., Nat. m., Nux v., Phell.
    Joints [in] -- Cinch.
    Knees, ankles, wrists, hypogastrium [in] -- Pod.
    Restlessness -- Ars., Eup. perf., Rhus t.
    Sighing -- Ign.
    Thirst -- ApisArs.Caps., Carbo v., Cina, Cinch., Conv., Dulc., Eup. perf., Ign., Nat. m., Nux v., Nyctanth., Ver. a., Wyeth.
    Chill [after] -- Ars.
    Chill [ before] -- Chin. s., Cinch., Eup. perf., Gels., Menyanth., Nyc. tanth.
    Thirstlessness -- Chin. s., Cimex, Cinch., Eup. purp., Gels., Nat. m.
    Vehemence, rage, preceding -- Cimex.
    Vomiting, bilious -- Eup. perf., Ipec., Lyc., Nat. m., Nux v., Nyxtanth.
    Somnolency, accelerated breathing -- Nat. m.
    Stretching -- Ars., Elat., Lyc., Nux v.
    Acids [from] -- Lach.
    Drink [from] -- Caps.
    Exposure [from] -- Nux v.
    Exposure, lying down [from] -- Cimex.
    Motion [from] -- Apis.
    Warmth [from] -- Apis, Canchal., Chin. s., Cinch., Nux v.
    Warmth [from] -- Caps., Ign.
    Afternoon, glowing heat, in face, hands, feet -- Azadin.
    Anxiety, restlessness, lipothymia, oppression -- Ars.
    Backache -- Eup. perf., Nat. m.
    Chill, intermingled -- Ars., Chin. s., Cinch., Nux v., Tar. h.
    Chilliness, after heat of face -- Calc. c.
    Congestion of head, drowsiness, costiveness, rectal and vesical tenesmus; chilled from uncovering -- Nux v.
    Delirium -- Ars., Pod., Sabad.
    to be covered -- Nux v.
    to be uncovered -- Ign., Ipec.
    Diarrhœa -- Ant. c., Ipec., Ver. a.
    Dyspnea -- Apis, Ars., Conv., Ipec.
    Face, hot, feet cold -- Cinch., Petrol.
    Face, pale, insomnia -- Ant. t.
    Gastric symptoms -- Ars., Eup. perf., Ipec., Nux v., Puls.
    Hands warm, face cold -- Cina.
    Headache -- Apis, Ars., Bell., Ced., Cinch., Eup. perf., Nat. m., Nux v., Wyeth.
    Yellowish tongue, nausea, faintness in epigastrium, costiveness -- Polyp.
    Heat, burning -- Apis, Ars., Caps., Eup. perf., Formal., Ipec., Lach., Nux v.Hunger -- Cina, Cinch.
    Hydroa -- Hep., Nat. m., Rhus t.
    Lachrymation -- Sabad.
    Loquacity -- Pod.
    Mental confusion -- Formal.
    Nettle rash -- Apis., Ign., Rhus t.
    Night -- Ars.
    Colicky -- Cina.
    Head, back, limbs [in] -- Nux v.
    The vertebræ, dorsal [in] -- Chin. s.
    Spasms, paralysis -- Ars.
    Paroxysms, frequent, transient -- Carbo v.
    Prolonged heat -- Ars., Bolet., Ign.
    Prostration, fainting, cold sweat -- Ver. a.
    Pupils, immobile, pain in abdomen, sopor, tension throughout body -- Op.
    Sighing -- Ign.
    Sleepiness -- Ant. t., Apis, Corn. fl., Gels., Op.
    Thirst -- Ars., Chin. s., Cinch., Eup. perf., Nat. m., Nux v., Nyxtanth., Op., Ver. a.
    Thirstlessness -- Apis, Caps., Chin. s., Cimex, Cinch., Ign., Nat. m., Puls., Sabad., Wyeth.
    Tongue clean -- Ars., Cina.
    Trembling of limbs, slow pulse -- Chin. s., Op.
    Unconsciousness -- Nat. m.
    Vomiting -- Ars., Cim., Cina, Eup. perf., Ipec., Ver. a.
    Sweat (See Sweat.) -- Ant. c., Aran., Azadir., Bolet., Bry., Chin. s., Cimex., Cina, Cinch.Conv., Eup. perf., Lyc., Nat. m., Nux v., Op., Phos. ac.Ver. a., Wyeth.
    Scanty or absent -- Apis, Ars., Carbo v., Eup. perf., Nux v.
    Coldness [with] -- Plumb.
    Covering up [with] -- Cinch., Hep.
    Relief of pains [with] -- Nat. m.
    Sleep [with] -- Cinch., Con., Pod., Thuya.
    Thirst [with] -- Ars., Chin. s., Nux v.
    Astro-intestinal pains, sallow face, dropsical swellings, enlarged liver and spleen, restlessness, sleeplessness, spasms, diarrhœa, alburinaria -- Ars.
    Hydremia, chlorosis -- Cinch., Puls.
    Morning headache, depression, costiveness, amenorrhœa, enlarged liver, desire for quiet, sallow face -- Nat. m.
    Gastro-enteric symptoms -- Cinch., Hydr., Ipec.Nux v., Puls.
    Jaundice -- Ars., Bolet., Card. m., Nux v., Pod.
    Nervous symptoms -- Gels.
    Pains -- Led.
    Relapses from dietetic errors -- Ipec.
    Spleen enlarged -- Ars., Ceanoth., Chin. s., Cinch., Ferr. m., Nat. m.
    Thirst -- Ars., Cimex, Ign.
    Vomiting -- Ipec.
    Abdominal griping, pain in back, loins -- Ver. a.
    LOW FEVERS (See Typhus.) -- Ail.Arn.Ars., Bapt., Camph., Cocc., Crot., Eup. ar., Lach.Mur. ac., Nit. sp. d., Phos. ac., Phos., Pyr., Rhus t., Tereb., Urt.
    MEDITERRANEAN FEVER -- Bapt., Bry., Colch., Merc. s., Rhus t.
    PUERPERAL FEVER (See Female Sexual System.) -- Acon., Pyr., Ver. a.
    REFLEX, from local irritation -- Cham.Cina, Gels., Ign., Ipec., Merc., Nux. v., Sang., Sul., Ver. v.
    RELAPSING FEVER -- Acon., Ars., Bapt.Bry., Cim., Eucal., Eup. perf., Rhus t.
    REMITTENT FEVER -- Acon., Ant. c., Ars., Bell., Bry., Chin. s.Cina, Cinch., Crot., Gels., Hyos., Ipec., Merc. s., Nit. ac., Nux v., Nyctanth., Puls., Rhus t., Sul.
    Bilious, low -- Bry., Crot.Eup. perf., Gels., Ipec., Merc. d., Nyctanth., Pod.
    In children -- Ant. c., Cina, Gels., Lept., Puls., Santon.
    SEPTIC FEVER (See Pyemia - Generalities.) -- Ail., Anthrac., Ars., Crot., Echin., Pyr., Ver. v.
    SYNOCHAL FEVER -- Acon., Bapt., Bell.
    TRAUMATIC FEVER (See Injuries - Generalities.) -- Acon., Arn., Ars., Cinch., Lach.
    TYPHUS FEVER -- Acet. ac., Agar., Ail., Apis, Ars., Arum, Bapt.Bell., Calc. c., Camph., Chin. s., Cinch., Crot., Helleb., Hyos., Kreos., Lach., Merc. i. r., Merc. s., Merc. v., Mur. ac., Nit. ac., Op.Phos. ac.Phos., Pyr., Rhus t., Stram., Ver. a.
    Cellulitis, adenitis (salivary) -- Bell., Chin. s., Merc. i. r.Nervous symptoms -- Agar., Bell.Hyos., Lach., Op., Phos. ac., Phos., Stram.Toxemia (See Typhoid.) -- Ars.Mur. ac., Pyr., Rhus t.
    URETHRAL FEVER -- Acan., Ars., Chin. ars., Cinch., Gels., Hep., Lach., Phos., Rhus t., Sil.
    WORM FEVER -- Bell., CinaMerc. s., Santon., Sil., Spig., Stann.
    YELLOW FEVER -- Acon., Ant. t., Apis, Arg. n.Ars., Bell., Bry.Cadm. s., Camph., Canth., Carb. ac., Carbo v., Chin. s., Cinch., Coff., Crot. casc., Crot., Cupr., Gels., Guaco, Hyos., Ipec., Lach., Merc., Op., Phos., Plumb., Sab., Sul. ac., Tereb., Ver. a.

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